Breathe is 4 years old!

Come and join us for an evening of á la carte dining, DJ, and live entertainment – with a side order of contributing to something very noble and worthwhile.

You see, we are using the occasion of our 4th-anniversary celebration to proudly announce the partnership between Carbon Free Dining and BREATHE GIFT TREES – to create a ‘Breathe Forest’.

For some time now, our diners have been offered the option to gift the planting of a tree and to date we have together accounted for over 40.000 new trees in the mountains of Northern Tanzania!

Breathe is the initiative taker, but we make it happen together, forming a community committed to doing what we can to clean the air, revive the soil and help impoverished people earn a sustainable living.

Help us to have an even more positive impact on the environment and local communities of this region by joining us from 6 pm on 22nd October for a wonderful evening of entertainment and good deeds!🙌🎉🥂

📲 (+34) 952 03 64 94⠀

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