Our chefs cook, marinate and prepare everything at breathe and then individually package the components of each dish, leaving the finishing touches for you to complete at home

Simply unpack the box, follow the simple preparation instructions and enjoy!

Enjoy a restaurant-quality meal in the comfort of your own home. 

Choose from our Breathe Experience 4-Course Menu for Two, our Premium Experience 5-Course Menu for Two, or our BBQ Pack, then add your wine and any extras you might like. Either way, you’ll receive an elegant wooden box with your meal and instructions inside.

We’ve done all the complicated, messy and time consuming preparation so that you can focus on savouring your home fine dining experience. We’ve made it so easy that anyone can do it, you only need a basic kitchen. No Master Chef skills required. Simply unpack the box, follow the simple step-by-step preparation instructions and enjoy. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to serve a top quality meal at home.

Ordering is simple and easy through our website, or call us on 952 036 494 and we’ll assist you. Choose from pick-up at Breathe or home delivery anywhere in Marbella, either for later in the day or any future date.

All boxes are packaged fresh to order and the food components will last more than a full day in the fridge.

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