Q: What is the difference between BREATHE AT HOME and normal takeaway/delivery?

A: BREATHE AT HOME is hassle-free fine-dining, a quality experience in a box. We do about 80% of the preparation at Breathe, leaving the finishing touches for you to complete at home. This ensures that your food will be plated and enjoyed as a top quality restaurant meal.


Q: What is the difference between BREATHE AT HOME and most home prep meal packages?

A: We’ve done as much of the chopping, grinding, peeling, grating, mixing, marinating and cooking as we possibly can. The complicated, time consuming and messy parts are already done for you. Your role is assembly, a little cooking but mostly heating and of course the super-important finishing touches. This allows you to focus on enjoying fine-dining experience with the minimum fuss.


Q: What do you get when you order BREATHE AT HOME?

A: Your meal for two people (or more!) comes in an elegant branded wooden box with dimensions 50cm x 40cm x 10cm. The individual components are packed in vacuum bags, piping bags, small containers or boxes. A QR code links you to the preparation instructions. If you don’t intend on preparing your meal straight away you should store the contents in the fridge.


Q: I’ve never really cooked before, is BREATHE AT HOME for me?

A: Yes! We make it simple for you, we’ve done all the complicated parts.


Q: What equipment do I need at home?

A: Not much at all. A very basic kitchen will have all you need. Your main utensils will be a pair of scissors, a pot, a pan and a small selection of plates and bowls. We’ve kept it as simple as possible for you.


Q: Why do we need to order the same main course for two people?

A: By simplifying the main course selection we’re massively reducing your workload and ensuring that your mains (2 portions of one dish) receive your undivided attention and are timed to perfection. Although we have made it as easy for you as we can, it’s still a lot of work to prepare the main course. Preparing 2 different main courses at the same time will be above the average home chef’s ability and will often require above average kitchen facilities. Think of it more as home cooking rather than a la carte takeaway.


Q: What if we are more than 2 people?

A: No problem, you can scale up the order however you like. Just bear in mind that some of the dishes, especially the main courses, do require a fair bit of attention so we recommend to not get carried away with too much variety. When it comes to preparing and plating the main courses at the same time, you will remember this tip! Additionally, you can bulk up an order with sides and extras and you have the freedom to plate the courses how you choose, either individually or shared however you like.


Q: Is there a delivery service for BREATHE AT HOME ?

A: Yes, delivery is available in the wider Marbella area, including Estepona, Benahavis, Istan and Mijas. Delivery fees depend on your location but will never exceed 10€.


Q: When will I receive my BREATHE AT HOME box?

All the BAH boxes are prepared to order so that you receive them as fresh as possible. They are sent out for delivery between 1500 and 2000 from Wednesday through Sunday, but if you need a different delivery time then we’ll do our best to accommodate it. Collection is available from Breathe restaurant or Ground cafeteria also between 1500 and 2000 from Wednesday through Sunday.


Q: Do I need to prepare my meal on the day I receive it?

A: All our sensitive products are vacuum-packed so they can last a few days in the fridge, however we do recommend preparation within around 24 hours. Fresh is best.


Q: Do I have to use the QR code?

A: The QR code makes things easy but you can always access the preparation instructions on our website: https://www.breathe.life/blog/breathe-at-home/preparation-instructions/


Q: I have some questions, how can I get help?

A: Please email home@breathe.life or call our general enquiries number +34 952 036 494 and leave a detailed message. If it’s a question for our Chefs, we’ll liaise with them and get back to you ASAP.