Celebrate International Women’s Day @ BREATHE™

Celebrate International Women’s Day @ BREATHE™

Wednesday 8th of March is International Women’s Day, a United Nations-endorsed global holiday that celebrates what women have achieved over the past century and highlights the issues that remain to be overcome in the drive for equality of opportunity and the protection of women’s rights. This year, BREATHE™ puts ladies of all ages in the spotlight on the 8th, but of course boys and men of all ages are more than welcome to join in and celebrate the special contribution that one half of humanity makes to the whole.

International Women’s Day has its roots in the suffragette movement that accomplished voting rights for women and laid the foundations for later equality legislation. It has become a focus for feminist groups and while celebrating what has been achieved over the past century, also draws attention to issues such as gender equality, protection against violence and sexual abuse. On a lighter note, women and also men gather on the day to celebrate all things feminine and appreciate the vital role women play in the human world.

BREATHE™ is committed to celebrate that unique female energy too, and on Wednesday 8th of March we pay special attention to the ladies, whether they come in a professional capacity, groups of friends, with family or other special people in their lives.

We wish to make it a joyous occasion and of course men are more than welcome, so join us and let’s have a great time together, enjoying a special set menu and á la carte designed specifically with female tastes in mind, as well as an attention for the ladies.

It’s a modern celebration of womanhood, so book your place at reservations@breathe.life and make it a night to remember!

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