Fresh-Thinking Gastronomy… Sustainably

Fresh-Thinking Gastronomy… Sustainably

Let’s be clear — we’re committed to delivering top-quality gastronomic experiences, but there’s no reason why we can’t help out Mother Nature along the way.

In fact, we feel obliged and we’re taking big steps to reduce our carbon footprint and implement sustainable practices.

For starters, we’re investing in our very own geothermal energy plant, largely consisting of 12 perforations drilled into the earth below BREATHE™, each one approximately 120 metres deep and containing a liquid-filled loop which acts as a heat exchange. This allows us to sustainably tap into the earth’s ambient temperature of approximately 18°C and cool the building during the warmer months, heat it during cooler months and provide domestic hot water (by capturing “lost” energy) all year round. The net result is that we’ll use only a fraction of the energy that conventional cooling/heating systems use.

But this isn’t the only way we reduce our carbon footprint. We actually consume carbon onsite. Of course, pretty much all plants do this but we’re taking air purification to another level. With extensive planting including more than 150m2 of densely packed vertical gardens, we’re consuming carbon and producing oxygen at a rate equivalent to a small forest.

Yes, these plants get thirsty. That’s why we’ve designed BREATHE™ to capture and recycle rainwater for our gardens in a large underground reservoir. We’re also making use of the latest innovations in planting technology by using hydro-fertilizers to reduce our irrigation by a whopping 50 – 80 per cent.

BREATHE™ geothermal energy plant

But that’s not all — we’ll keep you updated as the journey progresses. In the meantime:

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