More than just great food

Opening in Marbella for Summer 2018, BREATHE™ is an exciting new multifaceted gastronomic concept dedicated to connecting People, Nature & Fresh-Thinking Gastronomy.

Herbes - Breathe

Trait grisThe principal level (of the 3 levels that make up BREATHE™) boasts BREATHE™ Restaurant, Gastro Bar & Garden. With the luxury of having more than 600 m2 of backyard patio and garden space just on this level, our Team have been able to design something spectacular here:

Around 100 m2 of lush vertical gardens to please the eye and purify the air; a stunning centre-piece cascading fountain for that show-stopping effect; four additional fountains to ensure that fresh trickling sound is never far away; 6 towering “Palo Boracho” trees planted to create natural leafy shade; a 40-metre-long wall of tall and densely-packed green bamboo… and many more trees, plants and shrubs to cap off a harmonious blend of natural landscaping and modern urban architecture.

All of which is rather pleasing to the senses. But our calling is higher than mere sensorial satisfaction.


It’s all part of our mission to truly connect people, nature and fresh-thinking gastronomy. Now imagine yourself amongst all this with your best friends and family, dining or snacking from our carefully prepared dishes, or maybe just sipping on some craft beer or sharing a bottle of champagne, complemented by just the right music playing in the background… Nice.

But our Design Team hasn’t stopped there. Moving indoors, the attention to detail will again be abundantly evident. Natural light filtering through a glass-bottomed water-feature in the ceiling and an expansive natural hanging garden above the dining area, to name just a couple features.


Grenade - Breathe


Whether you’ll join us indoors for casual fine dining or something more relaxed around the bar, these guys have designed every detail of BREATHE™ with your experience in mind.

Winter time? No worries, they’ve thought about that too. Underfloor heating powered by our very own sustainable geothermal system and accompanied by natural-flame fireplaces will keep you cosy during the cooler months.

Stay tuned for more updates. We’ll be introducing the “kids” of the other two levels in the next edition: GROUND (By BREATHE™) & AIR (By BREATHE™). In the meantime, …

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