Give a tree this Christmas

In the season of gifts and Christmas trees, why not combine the two in the true spirit of the holidays?
Donating a Breathe GiftTree is the perfect way to do some good during this giving time of year, so
join the BREATHE™ initiative and help bring life back to a mountain community – by joining our
family of big-hearted people.
The BREATHE™ GiftTrees initiative is a community-to-community project that begins with a small
token of kindness in Marbella and makes a huge difference in the life of someone in the Rohingya
Mountains of northern Tanzania. By engaging our clients and colleagues to donate in this way, we
have succeeded in planting over 40.000 trees and helped bring back life to an impoverished part of
Tanzania suffering from environmental degradation.
Rural communities of this kind are dependent upon nature for their survival, so the hectares of
forest created by the BREATHE™ GiftTree Foundation’s planting drive helps to restore biodiversity
for animals and plant life alike – enabling local communities to make a living through a sustainable
form of agriculture that restores rather than depletes the environment. You see, the trees planted
here not only help to clean the air, but also produce important harvests.
Help a community – and yourself
Our initiative is one of many around the world through which local communities are taking action to
clean the environment, reduce CO2 in the air and help others. Together, we can make a difference
and improve the quality of our air and nature.
Help us make the BREATHE™ GiftTrees project an even bigger success and make a small donation
that will make a big difference. Between now and 3 rd January 2023, the BREATHE™ GiftTree
Foundation will match every tree you purchase, whether it’s one or many more!


Plant a tree here

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