The fresh flavours of the seasons

BREATHE™ was founded on the principle of offering fresh, healthy food in a stylish and fun
environment. An integral part of this commitment is working with quality ingredients, and this means
not only sourcing the best produce but also ensuring that it is fresh. We prefer to work with local,
organic options whenever possible, and you’ll notice it in the flavour of the food we prepare and how
good it makes you feel. Our dishes are not only healthy but also delicious, and the way we ensure this
is to source only seasonal ingredients around which the menus at BREATHE™ are built.
In the world of food, flavour and texture rule supreme, but they can also live in harmony with health
and well-being, feasting on the bounty of gastronomic experiences that each season brings with it.
Nature revolves and renews around the seasons, and with this comes a rich variety of new
opportunities, ranging from the fresh flavours of spring to the light, seductive joys of summer and
the warmer, cosseting food of autumn and winter
Building your menu around the seasons ensures not only that you use the choicest, tastiest and
healthiest ingredients, but it also allows our chefs to create an offering of dishes that is in sync with
the time of year. At BREATHE™, it means we can let our creativity flow throughout the months,
making the food that suits your mood. From sophisticated seafood platters that smack of summer to
the comfort foods of cooler months, we let ourselves be guided by the best that every season has to
This means the dining experience at BREATHE™ evolves with the ebb and flow of a natural cycle,
matching temperatures and ambiences in food as it does in décor, setting and of course the
accompanying offer of drinks, ranging from crisp and refreshing cocktails, beers and white wines in
summer to emboldening reds and spirits in the months when good times require a little warming.
Come and enjoy the best of the year with us!

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